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Refurbishability:  The extent to which you can cost effectively extend the life cycle of an existing window

by improving its energy efficiency, functionality, and/oraesthetics. (As defined by WIndow Services)

Window Services believes in the importance of exploring the refurbishability of commercial windows and we work with key stakeholders to educate them about when and how that is possible. Our clients include the full range of folks involved in the life and efficacy of a building's windows, and we offer a range of services to address their varying needs.  


We specialize in commercial window repair. It is all we do - and we've done it since 1990.

We don't do additions, decks, siding, or replace auto glass. We're the specialist you want to see if you have issues with your commercial windows - in the same way that you want to see an orthopedic specialist, and not your Primary Care/General Practitioner, if you believe you need your knee replaced.



The financial and environmental upsides of refurbishing vs. replacing commercial windows is unprecedented. We recommend the approach, and Window Services, to all our clients with reasonable quality windows. I’ve worked with them for almost ten years and am continually impressed not only with the quality of their workmanship and expertise, but with their ethics, professionalism and commitment to their customers.  -  Stephen J. Wessling, CEO Wessling Architects



Our Services Are Organized Below For Your Unique Needs.

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