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Window Investment Protection Program

WIPP your windows into shape with Window Services’ Window Investment Protection Program (WIPP)


When we spend money on a car, we invest in its ongoing operation and longevity with regular maintenance.  Chances are you spent more on your windows than on your car – and yet it is unlikely that you have invested anything in their ongoing operation and longevity. 


Window Services’ WIPP is designed to help protect the significant investment you have made in your windows by ensuring they attain the longest possible “window life.”  This is an ongoing maintenance program consisting of the following:

  • Function check all windows for proper operation and locking             

  • Clean and lubricate all jamb channels

  • Document and maintain ongoing records regarding which windows have been serviced, the date of service, and what if any additional repairs were required and/or performed.  This information will be provided to in the form of a “Window Maintenance Log.”  The Window Maintenance Log will be provided after each round of service both electronically and in hard copy.



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