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Committed to Protecting
Our Environment &
Your Investment

Our Solutions Offer...

75% Reduction in Project Cost
Better Quality Windows
Decreased Environmental Impact

Since we thoroughly refurbish the existing windows without removing the actual window frames from the building envelope, savings are realized by eliminating the associated construction costs, as well as the cost of the new windows.

When windows fail, it is usually the result of poorer quality hardware (balances, locks, etc.), glass or materials (sealant, weather stripping, etc.).  The replacement hardware, glass, and materials we use are better than those typically used in new replacement windows.  The result:  "Better than new" refurbished windows for roughly 25% of the cost of new replacement windows.

Since our approach entails completely refurbishing the exiting windows, not only is the energy efficiency increased, but the waste created by disposing of the old windows and the energy used to produce new ones, is eliminated.

MHEC contracts with Window Services

as their commercial window repair vendor

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Refurbishing windows is an option that must be considered. When it makes sense, it is a far superior alternative to replacement, both financially and environmentally.  The payback is great, and when done well, the end product is often superior to new windows. 


Window Services has refurbished 5000+ windows in our properties over the last several years.  They have the expertise to work with our project teams at the front end to determine if refurbishing makes sense, and to define the right scope when it does. Their work is seamless and professional. They do what they say they are going to do, they do it well, on time, and on budget.


                                Michael Frazier, Vice President
                            Maloney Properties

DCAMM Certified

Memberships include:

  • AIA - CES

  • MFAA




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