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Franklin Highlands Apartments is an 11 building, mid-rise development located in Boston, MA, and managed by Maloney Properties.  Built in the 1920s, it contains approximately 1700 aluminum double-hung windows. Maloney Properties engaged Building Enclosure Associates (BEA) and Window Services (WSI) to test and repair sample windows to help them determine if it made sense to refurbish or replace the windows as part of a substantive 2017 property renovation.  Below are the steps of that process and the results.

  • Window issues identified by the client:

 1. Air Infiltration (exceedingly drafty windows)

 2. Operability issues (hard to open/close)

 3. Failed glass

  • After a site visit and assessment of the windows, WSI proposed these scopes of work to address the three issues.

  • The ownership team identified three windows with issues representative of those throughout the property.

Fanklin Highlands Picture.jpg
Franklin Highlands Performance Data.png
  • BEA and WSI completed a day of sample window repairs and pre-post repair air infiltration and operability testing.  The test data is below, and the video explains the process in more detail.  

  • After achieving these test results, Maloney Properties decided to refurbish 1544 of the 1700 windows - the balance being replaced as part of exterior masonry work on certain elevations.  Below is the cost and project duration comparison table.

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